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Geek on Click services are the only one to provide free Antivirus with our Pro & Premium Maintenance Plans. Our technical support is available 24 x 7 for any of your computer related issues. We will give you the recommended Antivirus with the best security solutions. As we understand your computer world & your Data Security.


Antivirus and Internet security software that protects your PC from hackers, dangerous viruses and spyware. Depending on the type of Antivirus Software we provide you, we will make sure you enjoy the full protection of the latest antivirus software for your home computer or business network.


We will give you the best Antivirus with service that may consist of:

  • Addressing download problems by verifying your computer software is up-to-date and compatible with the minimum system requirements.
  • Take you through the step-by-step installation process so that Antivirus is installed properly to avoid any application conflicts.
  • Help you with uninstalling the Antivirus product so that all the files are properly removed from your computer without causing operating system problems.
  • Diagnosing error messages from the application to determine the issue and possible fixes.
  • And many other needs fulfilled.....


Some Benifits of Antivirus Protection on your owned PC:
  • The key benefit to installing antivirus software is quite simply that it prevents a virus damaging your PC or network.
  • Protects your PC or network from viruses and other forms of malware.
  • Prevents downtime, i.e. valuable working time could be wasted if you can not access your PC due to a virus infection.
  • Protects valuable information on your PC.
  • Prevents other people outside of your organisation being able to access your information whether it is business or personal data.
  • Potentially prevents emails being sent by your system thereby damaging you and your organisation’s reputation.
  • Prevents the time consuming and unnecessary task of having to clean or remove the virus after the damage has been done.

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Work at Glance

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Holding the First Call Resolution rate of 99% which assures complete peace of mind to our customers. This help us to keep relation with not only our residential customers but also the Small Business Customer who benefit out of our services. Our Maintenance subscription plans for your computers help make this a reality. The subscriptions includes

  • Unlimited support all year long with dedicated on call certified tech support experts
  • Geek on Click certified Techs use different tools to ensure optimal pc performance
  • Safety and security to data on your computer, complete peace of mind to you

How it Works!

How it Works - Online Remote Computer fixing Services

  • With your permission, we access your PC online.
  • We identify and fix your computer issues.
  • We scan for viruses, Spywares malwares and remove them.

Support Coverage

The major product brands and premier manufacturers include:

 Microsoft  Windows  Toshiba
 Dell  Compaq  Canon
 HP  Lenovo  Lexmark
 Acer  Sony  Epson
 Netgear  Linksys  Cisco
 Adobe  Intuit  Norton
 McAfee  AVG  Kaspersky

Why Geek on Click?

Why must you select Geek on Click Technical Support for all your computer issues?

  • Competitive Price & Best Service is our AIM.
  • Discounts on Subscription & Renewal of our Services.
  • “Free AntiVirus” with Money Saving Service Plan.
  • First to provide Technical Support and Security all in One Plan.
  • 24/7/365 Support.
  • We are the fastest growing online technical support company.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • PC and Online PC Remote Support Services.
  • No Need to Take your PC anywhere to fix.


Our Money-Back Guarantee policy ensures your satisfaction. If Geek on Click Technician could not perform in accordance to service specifications (read our terms and conditions for more details) and you're not completely happy with the service you've purchased, you can get a full refund within 30 days of initial registration.Click here to view our terms and conditions.


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